What Is a Dual-Outlet Charge Station?

With technological accessories playing such a large part in every home, it seems that outlets and cords are starting to become a fixture of interior design. If you hate having so many plugs strewn across a room, then the patented technology of the dual-outlet charge station on a MircoFridge microwave may be your solution.

Power and Charge

With the help of the dual-outlet charge station, MicroFridge’s microwaves provide the correct amount of energy to your appliances and still have enough left over to charge small electronics that draw four amps or less. This means that as you’re working on your laptop, listening to your iPod, talking on your cell phone, or taking pictures with your digital camera in the kitchen, you can recharge these devices simply by plugging them into the dual-outlet charge station attached to the combination appliances.

Safe Plug

A MicroFridge microwave uses Safe PlugÒ to safely delineate the energy required to not only power your microwave and mini refrigerator, but also to divert it to a charging station where you can give your personal electronics a little more juice. The microwave is equipped with two green lights that show you when the power system is working correctly, so you don’t have to worry about misusing the electricity.

How It Works

An outlet located on the back of the microwave is connected to the light on the right side, which serves as a reset button. Plug the compact refrigerator into this outlet so that it safely works with the microwave. As long as the light on the left side is green, you can plug your cell phone and other personal electronics into the two outlets on the front. If you accidentally plug in something that has too many amps, then the light will turn off so you know that it is not charging.